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‘Chris is based out of LA Sound Studios in West London

Chris Hewitt Studio

Chris is based out of

LA Sound Studios in

West London



Amphion Two 18 Monitors

Amphion Amp 500

Yamaha NS10


Unity Audio Avalanche II Sub

DMSD Decouplers

Trinnov DSP Monitoring Correction

Cranesong Avocet Monitor Controller 

Audeze LCD 2 closed back headphones

TC Clarity M Meter 



Lynx Aurora 16 - Pro Tools HD 



Apple iMac 27” 5k

Avid Artist Mix Controller

Pro Tools HD Native

Kensington Expert Trackball 

Editors Keys Keyboard

Universal Audio UAD Octo DSP 

Huge selection of plugins



TEAC 1/4” reel to reel 2 track tape machine


Preamps/Channel Strips/Outboard

Tube Tech CL1B Compressor

Neve 1073 DPD 2 channel preamp

Millennea HV-3C 2 channel preamp

Universal Audio 2108 2 channel preamp

Avalon 737 Preamp/Channel Strip

API 3124 4 channel preamp

SPL Channel 1 channel strip

DAV BG1 2 channel preamp

Avalon 2055 Stereo Mastering EQ

1176 Blueface x2

Empirical Labs Distressor x2

SSL Bus Compressor 

SSl Summing Mixer 

DBX 902 Classic DeEsser x 2


Neumann u87

Manley Reference Gold Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone

Neumann KM 184 Stereo Pair

Shure Sm7 x2

Electrovoice RE20

DPA 4099

AKG 414

AKG 451 x4

Shure Sm57 x 4

Shure sm58 x 4

Shure B57 x 2

Sennheiser 441 x2

Sennheiser 421

AKG D190 x2

Beyer 201 x4

AKG D112

Shure KSM9

Shure KSM8


Fender Strat x 2

Lakland 5 string Jazz Bass

Fender P Bass

Gibson 335

Hoffner Violin Bass

Yasuma Acoustic



1968 Premier Drum Kit 22/12/16

1957 Leedy Snare Drum 

DW Collectors Black 10/12/14/16/22

Various Zildjian Cymbals

Various Constantinople Cymbals

Various Sabian Cymbals

Murat Diril Cymbals 

Various Other snare drums and hardware. 


Audeze LCD-X

Beyer DT770 x4

Beyer DT 990 

Sony MDR 7506 x 4

Beyer DT100 x4


SE Reflexion Filter x4

Large collection of percussion 

Studio Logic SL88 Main Controller Keyboard

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